Christopher Mallick

Texas born, now Los Angeles local, Christopher Mallick is the Founder/Owner of Oxymoron Entertainment, Inc. Prior to this, Chris Mallick, created ePassporte – A payment transfer company where millions of dollars of clients funds went missing from their accounts. To this day, Christopher Mallick refuses to state the whereabouts of those funds or make any attempt to return these monies to their rightful owners.

Christopher Mallick Luke Wilson

Chris Mallick With Middle Men Star, Luke Wilson

(Pictured right: Chris Mallick, next to his new business partner, “actor” Luke Wilson)

Who is Christopher Mallick?

Full name: Christopher Mallick -or- Christopher John Mallick -or- John Christopher Mallick (JCM)
Other Aliases: Chris Mallick, JC Mallick, John Mallick, etc.
Date of birth: February 12, 1959
Place of birth: Texas, USA
Nationality: American, Lebanese heritage

Chris Mallick is the owner and CEO of ePassporte, N.V., based in Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles, an e-commerce company allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet. The company has since liquidated and no customer funds have been returned by the owner, Christopher Mallick or any of the company’s executives such as Christy Taylor Barnes who hold positions at Mallick’s current operation – Oxymoron Entertainment and other ventures.

ePassporte offered a pre-paid ATM card in association with Visa and enabled its customers to maintain their US dollar funds, either in their ePassporte Wallets or Visa Virtual Accounts. The funds on the Visa accounts were promptly returned with little hassle from the bank where the funds were held, none of the wallet funds, however have been returned and are suspected of having been siphoned into Christopher Mallick’s above mentioned companies.

On September 2nd, 2010, ePassporte’s Visa program was abruptly suspended.

Since this incident, ePassporte account holders have been attempting to withdraw their funds via wire transfers. To this date, Christopher Mallick the owner of ePassporte has yet to process these wire transfers and it is widely feared that account holders’ funds, estimated to be in the millions of dollars, have been misappropriated by Mr Mallick and little hope remains of recoupment of the funds.

In 2009, Christopher Mallick’s other companies, namely Oxymoron Entertainment and Mallick Media, in association with Paramount Pictures, produced the movie Middle Men, with an estimated budget of $22 million. The movie failed to recoup its initial investment, grossing only $733,000 at the box office during a disappointing three week run.

His inaugural picture, Middle Men – a tasteless autobiographical piece made through his newly founded company, Oxymoron Entertainment, was a major box office bomb. His subsequent picture, Columbus Circle, fared almost as badly, but thankfully spared box office fans further torment and went straight to DVD. The current president of Oxymoron Entertainment is Christy Taylor Barnes, former executive at ePassporte and whose duties presently include tending to Christopher Mallick’s damaged reputation through his inability to answer questions from his former clients as to the whereabouts of their money.


Why Are You Doing This?
Christopher ‘Chris’ Mallick has not honored his written assurances that he will pay me what he owes. I am owed many thousands of dollars and am out to warn people who may be considering doing business with him or other dealings that they are at risk of having their money ‘disappear’ at the hands of Mr Christopher ‘Chris’ Mallick.

Does This Constitute Extortion?
FindLaw defines ‘Extortion’ as the following:

“Extortion is the crime of obtaining money or property by threat to a victim’s property or loved ones, intimidation, or false claim of a right.”

Nowhere on this website am I making threats towards any person or their loved ones, nor am I using intimidating or threatening language or threatening violence against any person or encouraging/condoning any such behaviour.

As for ‘obtaining money by .. false claim of a right':
Christopher Mallick was founder and owner of ePassporte, N.V since inception to the date of dissolution. My money, along with that of other ePassporte clients were kept in the ePassporte “Wallet” feature which was a special segregated portion of a clients account whereby the funds would be completely safe and at no risk of fraud or misuse, where it would have been if it had been kept in the traditional, Virtual Visa Card. Ironically, all clients who had funds on the ‘riskier’ Virtual Visa Card had their funds returned to them without hassle by the supporting bank –
 St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla National Bank Limited

See here for misleading information provided by Christopher Mallick’s company, ePassporte, regarding the ‘ePassporte Wallet’

Extortion is the crime of obtaining money or property by threat to a victim’s property or loved ones, intimidation, or false claim of a right. – See more at:
Extortion is the crime of obtaining money or property by threat to a victim’s property or loved ones, intimidation, or false claim of a right. – See more at:

What Do I Want?
For Christopher Mallick to reveal to his former clients the location of their wallet funds which as you can see here, in signed statements by Christopher Mallick himself, where kept “safe” and so we can retrieve our monies as soon as possible. Surely the founder and owner of a company would know this information and would be kind enough to provide it to their loyal and often desperate clientele. Christopher Mallick or his attorneys are encouraged to contact me at and kindly provide me with this pertinent information at their earliest convenience.


Christopher Mallick Philanthropist

Christopher Mallick Philanthropist? What In The World…

Christopher Mallick and his film production company, Oxymoron Entertainment are making quite sizable donations to college fund charities, just shy of a quarter of a million dollars! All the while his former clients haven’t received a single dime of their frozen wallet funds!

For the public school educated amongst us, “philanthropist” is derived from the word, “philanthropy” which according to literacy authority site, is defined as: “a person who gives money or gifts to charities, or helps needy people in other ways. Famous examples include Andrew Carnegie and Bill & Melinda Gates.”

Wow, Christopher Mallick philanthropist, certainly is in good company, isn’t he? Educated men and women who built their careers and fortunes on many thousands of painstaking hours of study, research, and hard work. Who didn’t sabotage others to get ahead or engage in shady practices, cheat, lie, or steal. Many of these people like those mentioned above are at the forefront of technology and education.  Some of the wealthiest people on earth and most deserving of it. They worked hard for every cent they own and would do anything to see those less fortunate have the same shot they did at reaching their personal best. Truly honorable and noble people. Does this sound like our friend, John Christopher Mallick??

Christopher ‘Chris’ Mallick seems more like a twisted version of this character:

Chris Mallick Is Robin Hood?

Is Chris Mallick a modern day Robin Hood gone bad…?

Except the tale of Robin Hood as most of us have learned depicted a good looking young man with a full length of hair, tall, dark , and handsome, who stole from the rich and gave to the poor. Most of Christopher Mallick’s former clients weren’t rich to begin with and are in fact much poorer now than they have ever been. Many have never had the chance at a college education or were maybe saving up for college with the money in their ePassporte wallet accounts, the whereabouts of which Christopher Mallick to this day has not revealed despite written assurances, signed and dated, by himself stating that the funds are “safe” and will be returned. Four years later not a single cent has seen the light of day. When will John Christopher Mallick perform his noble, heroic act of returning the hard earned monies he promised to do in years of yore.

Chris – while we all believe giving disadvantaged budding young men and women a chance at a college education is a noble cause indeed, please remember as the saying goes.. “charity begins at home”. Kindly tell your former clients where their wallet funds are otherwise we might have to simply assume the worst.

Christopher Mallick Philanthropist

Christopher Mallick Donations

All of your former clients are impressed by your generosity and we kindly implore you to please tell us the whereabouts of our ePassporte wallet funds you claimed were “safe” so we can retrieve them.

Christopher Mallick Please Explain

“Rest Assured Your Funds Are Safe”

Christopher Mallick please explain where the money went – demands Elias.

ePassporte clients also want to know where their money is. “Rest assured your funds are safe” – These were the last words penned by Christopher Mallick to his clients before the final nail was pressed into the ePassporte coffin. These monies were never to be returned to the rightful people, rather Chris would blame everything on Visa or any other scapegoat he could think of. None of this was his fault. He was blameless.

Mr Gregory Elias of United Trust had much faith in Christopher Mallick and even provided Chris with a multimillion dollar loan to fund his premiere film, “Middle Men“. When the film bombed and became a laughing stock of the LA film industry, Mr Elias, a well respected businessman in Netherlands Antilles looked quite the fool when he realized he probably wasn’t going to see his money again –

Christopher Mallick Please Explain

Christopher Mallick – please explain where the money went..

So who is Gregory E. Elias, why has he signed off for “United Trust Company” and why is he significant to any discussion concerning ePassporte or Christopher Mallick? The website of the Curacao Chamber of Commerce and Industry, listed ePassporte N.V registered at the address of: Kaya Richard J. Beaujon Z/N, Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles. More pertinent, however, the managing director of the company is listed as none other than: Gregory E. Elias. In fact old whois records of provides concurring information.

Gregory Elias Bust

Gregory Elias bust will likely haunt Chris Mallick for years to come…

More damning, however, ePassporte users have time again reported that any wires or bank transfers going into their ePassporte accounts are sent to ePassporte N.V through an entity called United International Bank N.V., an organization founded in 2009, coincidentally the same year “Middle Men” the film Gregory Elias helped Christopher Mallick finance went into production. More to the point, however, United International Bank, also lists the same Curacao address , and likewise lists Mr Elias as a director. At the very least, we can surmise that ePassporte and its primary bank were owned and operated by the same entity and group of directors.


Christopher Mallick Implicated In Mothers Passing

Plaintiffs Mother Passing Linked To Mallick Promissionary Note

Christopher Mallick Is Off To Court Again..

Christopher Mallick Implicated In Mothers Passing – John Chris Mallick To Front LA Court To Answer To This Tragedy Due To ‘Missing’ Wallet Funds:

Christopher Mallick is scheduled to appear before a Los Angeles Court next year to answer allegations that he failed to meet up to his obligations per a promissionary note made to an alleged ePassporte victim, whereby the victims mother is alleged to have died due to lack of medication, as a direct cause of Christopher Mallick’s negligence.

Courageous Son Speaks About Dying Mother –

(She was a kind woman, she took care of sick people until she became sick. She literally took care of older sick people as a nurse aid. 
She would tell me not to worry about her, even though I wasn’t able to purchase the cancer medication, knowing full well that the months that I couldn’t would create irreversible damage.  The pills must be taken in succession without interruption or the cancer will become more aggressive and develop immunity.  This is exactly what happened. He was fully aware and after giving false assurances via telephone and letter, he ran and hid, disappearing only to turn up later in the media at parties and other events.  
By the time my mother was able to get back on the medication through a special program, it was too late to stop the cancer.  She died because she couldn’t eat anymore and I watched her body go to nearly a skeleton and was there when she took her last breath. I placed my hand on her chest and felt the last beat of her heart, and she let out one last long breath.)


Christopher Mallick shuttered the doors of his ePassporte company in October 2010 leaving millions of webmasters worldwide without access to their funds, despite assurances from Mallick himself that their funds were “safe”.

Chris Mallick Ordered To Pay Loans

Christopher Mallick and Elias duel over debt

Christopher Mallick ordered to pay loans after he allegedly lied about the purpose of $15 million dollars in loans provided to him by Gregory Elias, managing director of Fire Glow Holding Inc. Mallick then went on to blow the multi-million dollar loan on the botched “Middle Men” movie which embarrasingly bombed at the box office and made Mallick a laughing stock of the Hollywood scene.

Gregory Elias Christopher Mallick

Gregory Elias (left) – Christopher Mallick (right)

Back in 2011, Fire Glow Holding Inc initiated proceedings against Chris Mallick and alleged that Mallick not only lied about the purpose of the loan, but about his own holdings and the state of the late payment transfer company, ePassporte, which John Christopher ‘Chris’ Mallick founded back in 2003.

Mr Chris Mallick solicited the loan saying he needed the money to pay off a divorce settlement with his ex-wife.

Embarrassingly for Chris Mallick, Elias learned that in January 2011 that Mallick had actually settled his divorce for a ‘mere’ $6.1 Million, after conducting an investigation of his own into Christopher Mallick’s private life.

Elias alledged that Mallick told him that he would give him a portion of the cash flow from ePassporte and proceeds of any potential sale of the company – which Mallick had valued buy a potential buyer at $80 million dollars.

Again, Mallick’s version of events didn’t wash. Media reports in September 2010 showed that Visa Inc. had severed its relationship with ePassporte, and Mallick’s company subsequently dissolved the following month.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Maureen Duffy-Lewis issued a ruling without appearing before the bench, granting the motion, thereby enforcing a settlement agreement by Fire Glow Holding Inc, based in Dutch Curacao, and subsequently entered into a final consent agreement with John Christopher ‘Chris’ Mallick. Fire Glow’s motion to enforce settlement argued that Chris Mallick’s opposition to the judgement was an attempt to shirk his obligations pursuant to the parties March 2013 settlement agreement.

“Defendant concedes the court’s jurisdiction to enter judgment, concedes the parties entered into a settlement, concedes the defendant defaulted and concedes the defaulted amount,” the motion said. “Defendant’s tactic now is to disavow knowledge of the language of the specifically agreed-upon consent judgment. … This ‘Hail Mary’ is entirely contrived and must be rejected.”

This judgement was another blow for Christopher Mallick, who foolhardily sank millions of his own funds into the notorious bomb, “Middle Men”, a sensationalist and fictionalized telling of his rise to fortune (portrayed on screen by actor, Luke Wilson) through the creation of an online payments processing company, ePassporte, which became the predominant method of payment for all online pornography transactions.

Mallick and his team of lawyers responded to Judge Duffy’s enforcement by arguing that Fire Glow “surreptitiously interjected” language into the consent judgement which contradicts their express agreement not to find him liable for wrongdoing, and thus allow Fire Glow to recover judgement on its fraud charge – rending the debt nondischargable in bankruptcy.

Fire Glow is represented by Aalok Sharma, Charles C. Kline, and Mark E. Gustafson of law firm White and Case LLP.

Christopher Mallick is represented by Thomas H. Vidal, Michael J. Weiss, and Nina Ameri of law firm Abrams Garfinkel Margolis Bergson LLP.

The case is Fire Glow Holding Inc vs Christopher Mallick and will be heard before the Superior Court of the State Of California, County of Los Angeles.  Case number is BC470633

[ This case is not to be confused with the 2015 trial Chris Mallick is scheduled to appear before to answer allegations that he failed to abide by the conditions of promissory note made to an alleged ePassporte victim which caused that victims mother to become fatally ill due to lack of funds to purchase required medications. Information about that case can be found here ]

Christopher Mallick Ordered To Pay Twelve Million In Loans Debacle