Christopher Mallick Attorneys

Christopher Mallick Attorney’s are Michael J Weiss and Nina Nahal Ameri of AGMB LLP law firm
AGMB LLP hard at work silencing Mr Mallick’s critics:
Christopher Mallick Attorney

Christopher Mallick’s Attorney’s hard at work

I have tried contacting both Nina Nahal Ameri and Michael Weiss numerous times using the information made available to me, but unfortunately have not been successful. Both seem unwilling to cooperate with me to reach an amicable resolution to this issue. I look forward to hearing from either on how we can put this issue to rest. Please contact me at the earliest convenience –

FYI: Chris Mallick attorney Michael Weiss (pictured below) is even listed as a “co-producer” on many of Chris Mallick’s failed movies. Is this arrangement typical in the show business world?

Michael Weiss Attorney

Michael Weiss represents Christopher Mallick

Christopher Mallick also employed the services of Joseph J. Mcann at least as far back as December 2011.

1906 Pacific Palisades Dr
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272



I ask that both Michael Weiss and Nina Ameri kindly take a look at Christopher Mallick’s own signed statements¬†as well as official documentation published at ePassporte regarding the function and purpose of the “wallet” feature of clients accounts before relaying take downs, DMCA notices, and the like in future.

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  1. They know Chris Mallick is a fraud, but he is paying them YOUR money, and they LOVE MONEY. They love money more than life itself.

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