Christopher Mallick Implicated In Mothers Passing

Plaintiffs Mother Passing Linked To Mallick Promissionary Note

Christopher Mallick Is Off To Court Again..

Christopher Mallick Implicated In Mothers Passing – John Chris Mallick To Front LA Court To Answer To This Tragedy Due To ‘Missing’ Wallet Funds:

Christopher Mallick is scheduled to appear before a Los Angeles Court next year to answer allegations that he failed to meet up to his obligations per a promissionary note made to an alleged ePassporte victim, whereby the victims mother is alleged to have died due to lack of medication, as a direct cause of Christopher Mallick’s negligence.

Courageous Son Speaks About Dying Mother –

(She was a kind woman, she took care of sick people until she became sick. She literally took care of older sick people as a nurse aid. 
She would tell me not to worry about her, even though I wasn’t able to purchase the cancer medication, knowing full well that the months that I couldn’t would create irreversible damage.  The pills must be taken in succession without interruption or the cancer will become more aggressive and develop immunity.  This is exactly what happened. He was fully aware and after giving false assurances via telephone and letter, he ran and hid, disappearing only to turn up later in the media at parties and other events.  
By the time my mother was able to get back on the medication through a special program, it was too late to stop the cancer.  She died because she couldn’t eat anymore and I watched her body go to nearly a skeleton and was there when she took her last breath. I placed my hand on her chest and felt the last beat of her heart, and she let out one last long breath.)


Christopher Mallick shuttered the doors of his ePassporte company in October 2010 leaving millions of webmasters worldwide without access to their funds, despite assurances from Mallick himself that their funds were “safe”.

3 thoughts on “Christopher Mallick Implicated In Mothers Passing

  1. The fact that one would have to sue the Endeavor Orbiter Productions – Epassporte Fraudster Chris Mallick in this circumstance is a testament to the low life that Christopher Mallick must be.

    Lets take it a step further. After 4 YEARS,
    Johnathan Chris Mallick is actually PAYING LAWYERS a lot of money in an attempt to NOT RETURN Stolen Money to the plaintiff, whom Mallick appears to have intentionally deceived?

    And one more step. Chistopher Mallick claims he can’t give back stolen money and make restitution because he HAS NO MONEY, but in order to put forth that argument, he is PAYING LAWYERS LOTS OF MONEY to use legal gimmicks and trickery on his behalf?

    This is a man apparently well versed in Fraudulent Misrepresentation and what appears to be embezzlement. I have included a link found on some of his background.

    Thank you for posting this. Mallick is not getting any younger and Karma is a bitch.

  2. steve says:

    I’m still waiting for my 11 thousand dollars from Chris “the thief” Mallick. I sent my wire request and fill out all the papers years ago. My money still “safe”?

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