Epassporte Wallet

Epassporte Wallet Questions Answered From Epassporte.com

The ePassporte site was shutdown and went offline in 2013.
(source: http://archive.org)

Epassporte Wallet

Epassporte Wallet Questions

According To ePassporte –
Wallet Funds Were ‘Segregated’ Away From The Visa Funds To -PROTECT- Clients From Fraud!

Epassporte Wallet Questions

Epassporte Wallet questions continued..

These answers just beg more questions, Chris! Where are the “safe” wallet funds located so I can retrieve my money!

Clearly they are not at St Kitts Bank where the Visa funds were located! Despite the above stating that funds are initially in the Visa account but you (ePassporte) recommend moving them into the WALLET for safety reasons. So they just from one banking institution to another?? Where and which bank, Chris? Tell me so I can contact them and retrieve my wallet funds!

These funds were meant to be stored securely in a segregated portion of my ePassporte account, where I could withdraw at any time via wire transfer. All details provided by you and ePassporte indicated they were at the same bank as the Visa funds – St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla National Bank Ltd. St Kitts provided all clients their Visa money. You have not provided anyone I have spoken to or me at the very least with my Wallet funds or details on where and how I can withdraw my Wallet funds! Do I have your attention yet, sir?

What are the details of the banking institution so I can retrieve those funds?

Chris Mallick please answer these questions as you the founder and owner of ePassporte, who signed his name to statements made right until the company dissolved, are the only one who knows where the wallet funds are!

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