Christopher Mallick Please Explain

“Rest Assured Your Funds Are Safe” Christopher Mallick please explain where the money went – demands Elias. ePassporte clients also want to know where their money is. “Rest assured your funds are safe” – These were the last words penned by Christopher Mallick to his clients before the final nail was pressed into the ePassporte coffin. […]

Chris Mallick Ordered To Pay Loans

Christopher Mallick and Elias duel over debt Christopher Mallick ordered to pay loans after he allegedly lied about the purpose of $15 million dollars in loans provided to him by Gregory Elias, managing director of Fire Glow Holding Inc. Mallick then went on to blow the multi-million dollar loan on the botched “Middle Men” movie […]

Christopher Mallick

Texas born, now Los Angeles local, Christopher Mallick is the Founder/Owner of Oxymoron Entertainment, Inc. Prior to this, Chris Mallick, created ePassporte – A payment transfer company where millions of dollars of clients funds went missing from their accounts. To this day, Christopher Mallick refuses to state the whereabouts of those funds or make any attempt […]