Christopher Mallick Partners

Please Be Wary Dealing With The Companies or Individuals Listed On This Page
Christopher Mallick Partners

Christopher Mallick business partners

Christopher Mallick partners and companies or individuals that can be regarded as supporters of Christopher Mallick at a business or personal mutual interest level. They are well aware of Christopher ‘Chris’ Mallick and his shady past but continue to exchange money for services while his clients haven’t received a single cent. I ask that you avoid doing business with anyone on this page.

Oxymoron Entertainment – Chris’ pride and joy.

Mallick Media – Umbrella firm for all of Mallick’s company’s.

National Net – Web host of Christopher Mallick’s personal website as well as Oxymoron Entertainment and other online presences.

Endeavour Orbiter Productions, LLC – Company created by Luke Wilson and Christopher Mallick in partnership.

G4 Pictures Inc – Mallick Media owned company

Stereo-D – Acquired by Deluxe Entertainment in 2011 and believed to be where most of ePassporte clients wallet funds initially ended up. Associates of Christopher Mallick likely still employed here.

247 Commercial Marketing – Appears defunct. Good riddance. Remember the name in case of comeback.



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