Christopher Mallick Philanthropist

Christopher Mallick Philanthropist? What In The World…

Christopher Mallick and his film production company, Oxymoron Entertainment are making quite sizable donations to college fund charities, just shy of a quarter of a million dollars! All the while his former clients haven’t received a single dime of their frozen wallet funds!

For the public school educated amongst us, “philanthropist” is derived from the word, “philanthropy” which according to literacy authority site, is defined as: “a person who gives money or gifts to charities, or helps needy people in other ways. Famous examples include Andrew Carnegie and Bill & Melinda Gates.”

Wow, Christopher Mallick philanthropist, certainly is in good company, isn’t he? Educated men and women who built their careers and fortunes on many thousands of painstaking hours of study, research, and hard work. Who didn’t sabotage others to get ahead or engage in shady practices, cheat, lie, or steal. Many of these people like those mentioned above are at the forefront of technology and education.  Some of the wealthiest people on earth and most deserving of it. They worked hard for every cent they own and would do anything to see those less fortunate have the same shot they did at reaching their personal best. Truly honorable and noble people. Does this sound like our friend, John Christopher Mallick??

Christopher ‘Chris’ Mallick seems more like a twisted version of this character:

Chris Mallick Is Robin Hood?

Is Chris Mallick a modern day Robin Hood gone bad…?

Except the tale of Robin Hood as most of us have learned depicted a good looking young man with a full length of hair, tall, dark , and handsome, who stole from the rich and gave to the poor. Most of Christopher Mallick’s former clients weren’t rich to begin with and are in fact much poorer now than they have ever been. Many have never had the chance at a college education or were maybe saving up for college with the money in their ePassporte wallet accounts, the whereabouts of which Christopher Mallick to this day has not revealed despite written assurances, signed and dated, by himself stating that the funds are “safe” and will be returned. Four years later not a single cent has seen the light of day. When will John Christopher Mallick perform his noble, heroic act of returning the hard earned monies he promised to do in years of yore.

Chris – while we all believe giving disadvantaged budding young men and women a chance at a college education is a noble cause indeed, please remember as the saying goes.. “charity begins at home”. Kindly tell your former clients where their wallet funds are otherwise we might have to simply assume the worst.

Christopher Mallick Philanthropist

Christopher Mallick Donations

All of your former clients are impressed by your generosity and we kindly implore you to please tell us the whereabouts of our ePassporte wallet funds you claimed were “safe” so we can retrieve them.

2 thoughts on “Christopher Mallick Philanthropist

  1. Joe says:

    Here is what probably happened. Robin Hood was trying to lower his tax burden by donating so much money. In USA one can save a ton of money this way. After he gave the money, probably some of it yours, they decide to use this to help his reputation so they place the website about himself being a philanthropist. But It looked really bad because Mallick is sued by so many others and he also lies that he has no money. So then they take his philanthropy website down after this. It is now gone. It kind of hard to lie to everyone that you are poor and broke when you are placing a big philanthropist website online. But he probably got what he wanted which was the lower tax rate.

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