Christopher Mallick Please Explain

“Rest Assured Your Funds Are Safe”

Christopher Mallick please explain where the money went – demands Elias.

ePassporte clients also want to know where their money is. “Rest assured your funds are safe” – These were the last words penned by Christopher Mallick to his clients before the final nail was pressed into the ePassporte coffin. These monies were never to be returned to the rightful people, rather Chris would blame everything on Visa or any other scapegoat he could think of. None of this was his fault. He was blameless.

Mr Gregory Elias of United Trust had much faith in Christopher Mallick and even provided Chris with a multimillion dollar loan to fund his premiere film, “Middle Men“. When the film bombed and became a laughing stock of the LA film industry, Mr Elias, a well respected businessman in Netherlands Antilles looked quite the fool when he realized he probably wasn’t going to see his money again –

Christopher Mallick Please Explain

Christopher Mallick – please explain where the money went..

So who is Gregory E. Elias, why has he signed off for “United Trust Company” and why is he significant to any discussion concerning ePassporte or Christopher Mallick? The website of the Curacao Chamber of Commerce and Industry, listed ePassporte N.V registered at the address of: Kaya Richard J. Beaujon Z/N, Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles. More pertinent, however, the managing director of the company is listed as none other than: Gregory E. Elias. In fact old whois records of provides concurring information.

Gregory Elias Bust

Gregory Elias bust will likely haunt Chris Mallick for years to come…

More damning, however, ePassporte users have time again reported that any wires or bank transfers going into their ePassporte accounts are sent to ePassporte N.V through an entity called United International Bank N.V., an organization founded in 2009, coincidentally the same year “Middle Men” the film Gregory Elias helped Christopher Mallick finance went into production. More to the point, however, United International Bank, also lists the same Curacao address , and likewise lists Mr Elias as a director. At the very least, we can surmise that ePassporte and its primary bank were owned and operated by the same entity and group of directors.


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